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Wearing a uniform makes life easier for you and your child. We believe children learn through active involvement in all activities and sending your child in designer/best clothes is not the best idea. We have red sweatshirts and blue polo shirts (both with the Buttercups logo on) available to order so your children can play and explore different activities without worrying about getting dirty.

Uniform is optional, and not a requirement.

To purchase vinyl logos on T-Shirts (£4.99) & Jumpers (£9.50) please click here to complete a Mel's Art4u order form (view personalisation options here - Mel’s Art4u | Facebook).


If you wish to purchase embroidered uniform, please access the Jual website here - click on 'Schools / Nurseries' and scroll down to 'Buttercups Nursery'.

If you decide to send your child in their own clothes please ensure that they are easy for your child to take on and off; promoting independence especially when using the toilet - buckles, clasps & belts make this difficult when your child is desperate.

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