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We loved seeing the tractor at Nursery today!


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Coronations Celebrations 



Enjoying the snow!


Snow Pic 1.jpg
Snow Pic.jpg
Snow Pic 2.jpg
Snow Pic 3.jpg

Valentines, Pancake Day, St David's Day and World Book Day!


valentines 2.jpg
valentines 3.jpg
Rory World Book day.jpg
Pancake 2.jpg
st davids day.jpg
arabella world book day.jpg
st davids pic.jpg

DramaTots joined us here at Buttercups today to help us

learn all about Chinese New Year


dramatots pic.jpg
dramatots pic 2.jpg
Drama Tots.jpg
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 Our latest Ofsted Report - 14th November 2022!

Please see the latest the Ofsted website for our most recent Good Ofsted report


Christmas Craft, Christmas dinner & A Visit from Santa 


polar express.jpg
xmas dinner.jpg
xmas tree.jpg
Christmas Book.jpg
santa 2.jpg

Buttercups Bakers busy making Pudsey Bear biscuits


Bakers Pic 1.jpg
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Bakers Pic 3.jpg
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Buttercups Bakers Pudsey.jpg

A morning trip to the Carnival Shed


Carnival 4.jpeg
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Carnival 3.jpeg

Halloween at Buttercups

Halloween pic 2.jpg
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Halloween pic 3.jpg
Halloween pic 4.jpg

Pumpkin Carving Fun!

Halloween pic 3.jpg
Halloween Lacie.jpg
Halloween Kylo.jpg
Halloween Pic 7.jpg
Henry Pic.jpg
Henry Pic 2.jpg
Halloween pic 6.jpg

The children have been super busy creating some fabulous Halloween spooky feet, ghostly hands and spider hands!  Keep a look out for our Pumpkin Carving pictures coming soon!

halloween 1.jpg
Halloween 3.jpg
Halloween 10.jpg
Halloween 8.jpg
Halloween 5.jpg
Halloween 4.jpg
Halloween 9.jpg

Carnival Mask
We have had so much creating our Bridgwater Carnival Mask Entry. This years theme is jubilation! We have tried to capture lots of creativity, the union jack, glitter and gold! There will be 25 masks situated in shop windows in Bridgwater during November and you can complete the 'Mask Trail’ with your children. We wonder where ours will be?

Queen 1.jpg
Queen Pic 4.jpg
Queen 11.jpg
finished queen.jpg

Trip to Bridgwater Fair 
 We visited Bridgwater Fair this week and had so much fun!  The children enjoyed a ride on the train and some lovely fresh welsh cakes.

Fair 1.jpeg
Fair 2.jpeg
Fair 3.jpeg
Fair 4.jpeg
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                          Story Time with Lou Lou

Platinum Jubilee
 We held a jubilee party on the nursery grounds which was attended by over 200 children, parents and staff!

Queens Gems.jpg

Queen's Jubilee

North Petherton Town Mayor visited the nursery to deliver cups for the children to celebrate the queen's platinum anniversary.

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Harvest Festival

We were joined by Reverend JANE who conducted a small Harvest festival for our preschool children 👶, it was enjoyed by all.

Our families brought in produced that we delivered to the local food bank.

Grandparent's Day

The children enjoyed making posters to send love to there grandparents on grandparent day.

IMG_8190 (1).jpg

National Read a Book Day

The children enjoyed choosing a book to read from our library, and having a focus book to look at with their friends.

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Choking Hazard Information

Choking Hazards.png
Choking Hazards 2.png

Sports Day

A slightly different Sports Day for 2021! The children all had great fun.