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Look out world, here I come!

A child’s first step into nursery is also a first step to independence, at Buttercups our goal is to encourage that independence through educational activities that are fun and stimulating.


It’s a big exciting world out there and we want children to leave for their next steps in life equipped for the journey.

As a childcare provider we are required to deliver an educational curriculum that meets the government standard of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). This ensures each child understands things like numbers, letters, social

skills and reaches specific learning

goals ahead of school. We cover the 7 areas of learning in our classrooms

and through our curriculum on a daily basis.


However, we want children to arrive at school with much more than that…


A child’s first step into nursery is also a first step to independence.

At Buttercups our goal is to encourage that independence.

We aim to Nurture, Care for and Inspire every child in our care. 

Confidence Our nursery space is carefully planned to provide children with a range of play and learning choices. Our team ensures children are challenged throughout the day – this may be our babies crawling to meet new friends, counting steps on the stairs, simple phrases in different languages or becoming a doctor at role play. Each day at the nursery is different and children are constantly encouraged to try new things and reach beyond their comfort zone.

Care and Respect Life is all about care and respect for others. At a very early age we believe it is vital to encourage children to become part of a social group outside of the home. At nursery children can make new friends with whom they can learn and share, take turns and role model each other.

We feel very strongly that children should respect one another and understand differences and similarities in each other. We encourage children to express their feelings positively, begin to understand the opinions of others through discussion with their peers and by the examples set by our skilled practitioners.

Inquisitive The world is full of questions and interests. Our nursery is designed to be the same; lots of activities to stimulate inquisitive little minds and our caring practitioners are on hand to help find the answers.

We have worked very hard to create environments both in and outdoors that provide children with the opportunities to safely explore and investigate. From mud kitchens to growing their own vegetables for lunch, inquisitive minds will learn how things work, grow and evolve.

Our Nursery is sat within a learning landscape and we have the ability to offer an enhanced curriculum with activities such as Forest School, outdoor gardening, local trips and visits. We also look at life cycles of butterflies and tadpoles from our local lake.

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